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Dec 21, 2012 1:00pm PST
, and it's not exactly a mike brown with the lakers situation quite yet. john boehner has a little bit of leeway, shall we say, mainly because eric cantor was all in on this deal as well and the vast majority of the house gop conference supported it. he just couldn't get those 40 chuckle heads, quote, unquote, as his colleague steve la for ret calls them. the way going forward for john boehner is he's taken himself out of the negotiations and the big loss for him last night was that he's essentially allowing harry reid and president obama to draw up a fiscal cliff bill they would like to see. now, there's talks from the senate side that that bill could possibly look like the $250,000 or below tax cuts, an extension of unemployment benefits or getting rid of the sequester. whether that could get through the house remains to be seen, but from where we are right now, the friday before christmas, john boehner is not communicating with president obama and has removed himself from these negotiations. >> well, he may not be mike brown, but he could be mike d'antoni. even senate majority leade
Dec 10, 2012 1:00pm PST
to adapt to a world where poor people, sick people, black people, brown people, and female people and gay people count. it's survived by fox news and the heritage foundation. joining us now for our wake, goldie taylor, ron christie, who is a republican strategist, both with me here in new yorkened a dr. james peterson, an associate professor at lehigh university, a regular contributor to welcome to all of you. ron, the gop has announced a new party, quote, grow the party and win. how effective will it be when the only recognizable names are ari fleischer and haley barbour's nephew henry who believe the polls are skewed against mitt romney. >> i don't agree with that. i think politics is about addition not subtraction. we did a very bad job with outreach with people of color, we alienated college educated women, the gay vote and the hispanic vote. if the republicans are serious about growing as a party and about moving forward not only for 2014 but the presidential election, we need to grow and expand our base and we didn't do it this time. >> when the election was in process,
Dec 11, 2012 1:00pm PST
another song into the mix that many of the american people are saying james brown says, santa claus please come to the ghetto. the reality is this, the president has been saying the american people deserve to be treated fairly. now, we've gone along with this madness from the republicans that those at the top need a tax break and a tax cut, and this is just ludicrous. the american people have spoken. the re-election of president obama validates his particular approach here, which is that middle class people should not have a burden placed upon their shoulders. the working classes should not be punished, and god knows the working poor should not be further marginalized in this economy by trying to give goodies and treats to the republicans. they are playing grinch for -- the grinches who stole the christmas of working class people here, and president obama is trying to talk about the spirit of generosity and common sense of the american people. so what he's been trying to say is, i'm not going to budge, and i think he's got a reassured approach here. the american public has spoken. presiden
Dec 12, 2012 1:00pm PST
is charlie brown going to try to kick that football? >> the key is to make sure the taxes go up. we can afford it. >> you have a national treasure. >> i'm a warrior and i'm a statesman and i'm not going away. >> puts me in a stupid hat and uses a picture. we know their game. >> wimpy pastors produce wimpy christians. >> there's a new tone being set by big labor and looks like this. >> it's really a right to work around the union. like strip bars call themselves for gentlemen's clubs. >> you got hit hard. off chipped tooth and other injury. >> i'm underretsed, overworked and still tough enough to take the union's greatest punch. i'm still tough enough to take this punch. >> capitulating to the mob. it looks like the arab streets. hope and change and we're going to man the barricades and demand change right now. >> if i would have defended myself, they would have killed me. i will press charges and you will go to jail or face me in the people's octagon in a legal mixed martial arts bout. >> working in a factory all day building chevys. like the volt. you plug it in then you win ecological
Dec 27, 2012 1:00pm PST
exists here right now. there were reports earlier today that you noted coming from the hill, scott brown among others saying the white house was sending up a new proposal. the white house says that's certainly not the case. there were reports the white house was inviting all four congressional leaders here to the white house for a private meeting tomorrow to try to push this thing through to avert the fiscal cliff. the white house says as of this moment there is no meeting scheduled for tomorrow. we sort of remained where we were when the president first arrived here. in the eyes of the white house it's in the hands of the republicans at the capital, up to mitch mcconnell not to filibuster a bill already there and up to john boehner to allow a vote in the house. >> peter, publicly obviously we're seeing a lot of back and fort between republicans and democrats, but privately what are you hearing from the white house from your contacts in terms of any type of enthusiasm that they think there may be or hope that there could be possibly some way to avert this cliff? >> reporter: acknowledgin
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)